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 What legal bookkeeping software is there?


There are a lot of different legal bookkeeping software on the market. To name a few:


What legal bookkeeping software do you recommend?

But all legal accounts software have their own quirks, they vary in their ease of use, costs vary and some can grow with your practise, whilst others will need replacing when you get a lot bigger.

The quality of the help desk support and the training available can also vary too – is there any point in having a system so complex that no-one knows how to truly use it, and your on the phone daily to the help desk because it just keeps doing odd things?

If you are a small or start-up law firm, then SoliBooks is pretty good because it's cheap and it does the job. There's no point spending thousands on a software when you are a smaller firm. That m
oney would probably be better spent on marketing your business. Do get in touch with us about your current situation. You can purchase SoliBooks through us - off the shelf. £450.

SoliBooks Training USB disk

We have a Video USB course on SoliBooks. It's 2 hours long. Explains different functionality of the software, and comes with a booklet. It runs on a PC. And once you've watched this course, you will know how to enter supplier invoices, process bills, do a bank reconciliation, pull of ledger reports etc., The company is AA Solicitors, and a SARs book is also included.

Plus booklet

Plus SARs book

Please visit the e-shop to order the CD:

Cost: £27

We also sell PERFECT BOOKS software training CD Video from our e-shop. It's ideal for users who want to get the most out of Perfect Books, and who want to better understand all the functions. See our e-shop: £27