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Core Legal is a group of select individuals who specialise in the legal sector. See the report in New Law Journal on why social media is important for solicitors.

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Seminar: 3 vital issues for law firms, 3 hours CPD

‘How To Grow Your Practice – By Organic Growth, Merger Or Acquisition?’


Part 1) Business Development Opportunities

A) Growing the business through new business models, partnerships, and law firm networks. A review of current opportunities and their pros and cons, including:

Presented by Dave Mort, Director at IRN Research

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B) Going it alone: the first 10 steps in a business development campaign for the high street law firm. Includes a look at client database development, social media, e-newsletters, client feedback and reputation maximisation.

Presented by Jon Hepburn, The Fedora Consultancy

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Part 2) Merger/Acquisition

Law firms - mergers and Acquisitions on the High Street

- How do you value a firm you wish to buy [or sell]?

- Who is buying [and selling] firms in the current climate?

Presented by Ray Fox, The Bottom Line Consultancy

 Video Extract:

The presenters:

Dave Mort has been researching and analysing the UK legal market for over a decade.

Jon Hepburn provides marketing and business development expertise to smaller law firms.

Ray Fox is a specialist in helping Solicitors sell, merge or value their practices.


The event also provides an excellent opportunity to network following the presentations.



CoreLegal is an alliance of brilliant minds and talent to support you - the legal profession. A one-stop shop for solicitors who want solutions now.

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The Legal Link - Our Partners (in law)

We work closely with several legal service providers, who also help solicitors  with different aspects of running their practises. It's like a one-stop legal services shop. The legal specialists pictured below include (bank manager, insurance broker, copywriter, legal cost draftsman, audio typists, process server, cost draftsman, legal accounts software, solicitors market researcher, solicitors coach, solicitors practice valuations expert) are all part of our personal legal network, and you can directly contact them, should their service be of interest to you.