Approachable Bookkeepers & Hassle-Free Cashiers

Boogles Ltd currently offer a legal bookkeeping service to solicitors across the UK.

Our service is flexible. It could be 1/2 a day a month, or 3 days a week. There is no tie-in period, no clauses. Use the service as and when you need it.

Perhaps you are a new solicitor, you’ve just set up and you need to get organised? Or, you’ve found a normal bookkeeper, who is great – but just doesn’t know anything about SARs – you could purchase our distance-learning training course.

Or, you’ve tried to find a legal bookkeeper, but just keep getting normal bookkeepers applying who just don’t ‘get it’ – i.e. client accounts, office accounts… or you are using the wrong system e.g. Sage, you know it, but you or anyone else doesn’t seem to know what other system to use, because no-one seems to be able to recommend, let alone set up and install something. Or, you’re getting your stuff done remotely, and it’s just not satisfactory.

Whatever it is, we provide a legal bookkeeping solution.  Believe us, we’ve researched this market, and we believe we know what clients want….

Clients want someone who understands them. Someone who understands their business. Someone competent, who can make their life easier, so that they can just get on with the job of building up the practice.

We match you to one of the self-employed cashiers in our network and they'll look after you.