Approachable Bookkeepers & Hassle-Free Cashiers

Why should I use your Legal Cashiers and not employed a Cashier myself?

Our self-employed legal cashiers have the time and capability to do your books. The thing with employed staff is that if the hours are too few, then it might not be worth it for them to work for you and then also try and find a 2nd, 3rd of 4th part time job. If they're self-employed bookkeepers then this is better because they'll be in the mindset of working for a few different clients. With self-employed cashiers, there is no sickness, maternity, paternity. You get the same person, the same legal cashier who is dedicated to your account.

So, how do you work ?

We refer you to one of our tried and tested self-employed legal cashiers in our network, and then you take it up with them from there.


How can we pay you ?

We accept payment by cash (come into the office to pay us), cheque (make payable to Boogles Ltd), paypal, postal order, standing order or BACS. Our partner (card processors) can take a debit/credit card payment on our behalf. This payment will show as 'acceptacard' on your bank statement. Call: 0844 8844 244 to make a payment by phone. Note, the quickest and easiest way is to pay by paypal.

  Online via Paypal: