Approachable Bookkeepers & Hassle-Free Cashiers

The legal story so far...

Boogles Ltd was formed in May 2004 with 150 pounds by entrepreneur, Lisa Newton, who could see that solicitors were being badly served by the cashiers/ bookkeepers in the market, and so 'Boogles Legals' - the legal department was formed.

The company served solicitors faithfully for years by employing staff and training them on systems. Following clients who wanted to keep the staff without paying for the investment made to train them the company has seized to employ cashiers.

Instead, all work is passed onto our trusted partner network. We have very good connections. But at Boogles Ltd, we don't personally do any of the legal bookkeeping ourselves anymore. All of our self-employed partners are very capable. We value your feedback. 

You are in very good hands.