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We have won various awards for our work.

October 2013 - Boogles won 'Best Accounting Franchisor' in 2012 and in 2013 with BKN.


Lisa Newton won Precious Online's, "Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award" in Nov 07.

Boogles won, "Enterprising Business Award" in Feb 08.

Boogles was shortlisted (final 5, out of 14,500 nominations) for the Lucas Award - Best Bookkeeping Practice in November 2009

and in November 2011

Boogles was shortlisted for Best Accounting Franchisor in October 2011 by BKN - the Bookkeepers Network.

Boogles founder was runner up for Entrepreneur of the Year Award with BBI in October 2011, and for Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in November 2009, with Enterprising Women:
  Boogles was a finalist in May 2009 & in May 2010 for Best Small Business and Best Marketing.

We were a finalist in "Women on their Way" in Feb 09.

And a finalist in "Women of Worth"
awards in March 2009.