Approachable Bookkeepers & Hassle-Free Cashiers

We are an ideal legal bookkeeping company for the law firm or sole practitioner solicitor who wants a straightforward solution to getting their books done. We are contactable, approachable and credible. You can read what other solicitors who've used our service have to say here.

If you are not a solicitor, but have landed on this page somehow, but you are still looking for a bookkeeper, do contact:

No job is too small. If you want 1 day per month - that's fine. No job is too big - if you need 3 days a week - no problem. 

If you're using a spreadsheet to do your bookkeeping - we'll get you set up on nice, simple software - which will save a LOT of time. It's £38pm, and you can access it remotely.

Having worked with solicitors for years, we know that you're professional, sensible people used to the traditional blue and grey website... but we want to stand out from the crowd. We're different.

So if you're not pleased with the bookkeeper that you have now, or you're just having a browse to see what else is out there, or if you want to rid yourself of doing the bookkeeping... then we have a bookkeeping solution for you.

What we do:

  • on-site or off-site legal bookkeeping
  • bookkeeping for solicitors & legal people
  • manual systems or computerised accounts
We can:
  • Invoice you hourly OR
  • Fix a monthly fee
Consider the COST of doing your own books versus using a Boogle...

 Solicitor (normal hourly rate of £200) doing their own books:

- Takes approx 1/2 a day a week e.g. 12 hours a month
- 12 hours a month x £200ph = £2,400 per month

The solicitor is tired, doing the books at night, using their weekend - and is rushing around trying to see clients, supervise staff, win new work, do the work...

Compare that scenario, to the alternative....

 Boogles Ltd does the books - and fixes a fee of "£300" per month

- Boogles Ltd comes on site, and sorts it out
- Boogles Ltd spends a morning a week, every Tuesday - and deals with things
- Creditors are paid, debtors are chased, the paperwork is filed

But, better still... the solicitor now has 12 extra hours a month in their life. They use that time, to bring in more work and build a better law firm and a better lifestyle.

Ask yourself... what is the true cost of you doing your own books?

Are you:

  • busy?
  • looking for a bookkeeper who understands the Solicitors Accounts Rules?
  • unsure about the right software to go for?
  • need a hand, advice, support ?
  • sick of individuals whose credentials you can't verify - trying to do your books?
  • in need of an experienced cashier who can just get on with it?
Ok, well you are in the right place.

Boogles Ltd - the legal department work with self-employed legal cashiers and refer the best person to you.

We are:

  • professional
  • approachable
  • easy to use

We work closely with other people who are in the legal profession. 

Corelegal ran a seminar in May 2012, in London about 'how to value a law firm', and one of the speakers (Ray Fox), told an interesting story - watch it here: VIDEO

If you have plans to BUY a law firm, or SELL YOUR LAW FIRM - make sure the books look good - so that you get the maximum value possible!

The problem in the legal bookkeeping market:

  • You have unregulated individuals operating as sole traders who see solicitors very much like cash machines.
  • They have a one page website (or no website) - one man band types
  • They're dabbling in the game - not fully committed to running a professional business

Why are Boogles Ltd different?
  • Award-winning company
  • Years of experience
  • We've a UK-pool of self-employed staff (we only use subcontractors)
  • We can refer you to the right partners, as we don't personally deliver the service ourselves
  • Our partner service levels are high
  • We have strong values

Contact us to be put in touch with a local legal bookkeeper who can do a FREE 1/2 hour INITIAL telephone consultation to have a chat and see how we can help.

Generally what we do is solicitors bookkeeping for busy solicitors in across the UK for those who don't have enough time in their lives. We normally come on site, do their bookkeeping to ensure that their books and records are up to date so that they know where they are. This means that the solicitor is complying with the law society's solicitors accounts rules, which means that the practise will make more money and the partners can feel confident that their accounts are being taken care of, by a competent legal cashier.

See our video which shows how we do this:

Perhaps you’ve got a great legal cashier, but they’re going on maternity leave? Or they’re retiring? Or they’re moving away? Or they’ve just become too expensive? Or too busy and so you’re getting pushed to one side? We’ve seen it all. Sometimes, a bookkeeper will go on holiday, and then that’s it! You just don’t see them again!

Our promise to you, is that we’re not going anywhere. No hidden price hikes, we can do fixed fees or just ad-hoc, and we will
make your life easier.

Email us now on 

- we'll see how we can help.